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Aerodynamic optimisation of commercial vehicles

  • Funded joint project with partner companies with the aim of reducing the fuel consumption of commercial vehicles through aerodynamic optimisation
  • Preparation of the project outline and application for funding
  • Carrying out literature studies and deriving potentials
  • Analysis of various CFD meshers/solvers and comparison of simulation results with partner company
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Measurement of the actual aerodynamic and acoustic condition of an aeroacoustic wind tunnel

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  • Experimental determination of relevant flow variables: Pressure losses, pressure gradient and degree of turbulence
  • Numerical analysis of the actual wind tunnel
  • Optimisation of the turbulence screens and recommendations for upgrading

Experimental validation of a one-step algorithm for adaptation of the walls of a closed wind tunnel test section

  • Goal: Experimental analysis of models in wind tunnels with closed measuring sections, which have a high degree of blockage.
  • Minimisation of the wall interferences caused by high blockage through adaptive adjustment of the measuring section walls
  • Optimisation of the existing algorithm by numerical flow analysis
  • Experimental validation of the optimised algorithm based on the static pressure distribution on the model in a model wind tunnel with variable test section walls
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Numerical nozzle parameter study for an aeroacoustic wind tunnel

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  • Bestimmung des Einflusses der Düsenbreite bei konstanter Düsenaustrittsfläche
  • Numerische Untersuchung mit einem generischen Fahrzeugmodell
  • Auswirkungen einer kleineren Düse für höhere Geschwindigkeiten

Experimental and numerical investigations on sunroof buffeting

  • Design, engineering and construction of the wind tunnel model
  • Particle image velocimetry, transient pressure measurements, acoustic measurements
  • Performing numerical flow simulations, both 2D and 3D
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Aerodynamic optimisation of a speed biker

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  • Technical consulting of a mountain biker with the ambition to break a world speed record
  • Optimisation of the seating position through aerodynamic measurements in the wind tunnel
  • Performing numerical flow simulations

Optimisation of a dust extraction hood

  • Empirical study of the flow conditions of a dust extraction device in the laser ablation process
  • CFD investigations to quantify the results
  • Determination of optimisation potentials
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CFD simulation of a skydiving wind tunnel

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  • Flow analysis of an air duct design
  • Determination of the required fan power
  • Determination of optimisation potentials

Technical aerodynamic consulting of a motorbike manufacturer in India

  • Support in the areas of test procedures and test bench design and construction
  • Analysis of experimental and numerical data
  • Development of methods for quality assurance and definition of an aerodynamic development process
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Extension of a research and development centre

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  • Development of innovative vehicle test facilities, including roller test benches, simulators, acoustic chambers
  • Commissioning, acceptance and turnkey handover of the test benches to the customer
  • Preparation and continuous monitoring of an overall time schedule
  • Cost tracking from awarding of the test benches to acceptance
  • Quality assurance during the work phase of site supervision, construction supervision and documentation

Expansion of the R&D test centre for a vehicle manufacturer in China

  • Requirements management for vehicle test benches (including roller test benches with exhaust analysis, engine and powertrain test benches, shakers, SHED test chambers)
  • Assistance in the tender and bidding process up to the award of the contract
  • Technical evaluation of the detailed design to design freeze
  • Quality assurance throughout all project phases
  • Technical and commercial assessment of change notifications (change management)
  • Supervision of assembly, commissioning and (preliminary) acceptance
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Technical quality assurance during the planning, construction, and commissioning phase of a new acoustic wind tunnel

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  • Review of the design and construction results
  • Interface management: coordination between the parties involved
  • Change management: monetary and technical assessment
  • Schedule tracking: Ensuring compliance with the schedule

Requirements management for an acoustic wind tunnel

  • Definition of the technical specifications and preparation of a specification sheet
  • Preparation of an IT draft concept
  • Technical evaluation of tenders and assistance in award process
  • Validation of costs and evaluation of saving potentials
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Requirements management for wind tunnel modernisation

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  • Definition of the technical specifications and preparation of a specification sheet
  • Compliance with WLTP requirements
  • Preparation of an IT draft concept
  • Technical evaluation of tenders and assistance in the award process