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Wind tunnel construction
Our experience in wind tunnel construction and as a wind tunnel operator allows us to solve any wind tunnel problem. Our range of services covers not only the construction and optimisation of wind tunnels but also quality assurance for large wind tunnel projects.
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Turnkey construction of wind tunnels
  • Calibration ducts
  • Climatic wind tunnels
  • Aerodynamic wind tunnels
  • Acoustic wind tunnels
Creation/implementation of sub-systems
  • Measurement and automation technology
  • Wind tunnel balances
  • Solar simulation
Support in all phases of wind tunnel construction or modification
  • Requirements evaluation: Determination of existing and future test requirements
  • Basic evaluation: carrying out feasibility studies
  • Preliminary planning: cost estimates
  • Support in the planning and preparation of specifications
  • Tender assistance: preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation
  • Construction supervision and documentation
  • Wind tunnel maintenance, assessment/status recording
  • Transducer for channel parameter
Our aerodynamics professionals provide optimal solutions for all aerodynamic tasks. In doing so, we rely on both experimental and numerical methods (CFD). This enables us to evaluate your problems carefully and develop solutions that are focussed on your goals.
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Fluid mechanics in the following areas
  • Flow around and inside motor vehicles and commercial vehicles
  • Component Cooling
  • Process technology, e.g. extraction of vapours
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Engine compartment air flow
  • Aerodynamic optimisation of high-performance vehicles
We have many years of experience and expertise in analysing acoustic, vibration and aeroacoustic problems of all kinds and offering solutions optimally fitted to your requirements.
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Acoustic and aero-acoustic analysis and optimisation of air-conducting components
  • Ventilation ducts in the building
  • Air ducts in the air conditioning unit
  • Air ducts in the vehicle
Evaluation of vibration-related noise emissions
  • Structure-borne sound
  • Noise
Structural dynamic analyses regarding resonances/modes
  • Modal analysis
  • Operational vibration shape analysis
In particular in the automotive industry
  • Optimisation of passive-acoustic components in the vehicle - evaluation and risk analysis of noise from individual components or the entire vehicle.
  • Analysis and modification of component parts with respect to compliance with the specifications
  • Critical design evaluation and analysis of your measurement results, whether on the road or according to standardised and/or customer-specific test specifications
  • Performance of acoustic and vibration measurement tasks according to standardised and/or customer-specific test specifications
Testbed planning
In project management for various OEMs at national and international level, we are the ideal partner for new construction and upgrade projects for test centres and individual test benches.
In addition to our know-how in the design and construction of test benches, we have a wide range of knowledge as a test bench operator, which provides you with a competitive advantage.
We offer you customised services throughout all project phases.
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Requirements management
  • Requirements analysis: Determination of existing and future test requirements
  • Basic evaluation: carrying out feasibility studies
  • Preliminary planning: Schedule and cost estimates
  • Support in planning; preparation of specifications
Consulting services during the tendering phase
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • Tender Management
  • Tender evaluation
  • Bidder recommendation
Support during the design and implementation phase after contract award
  • Plausibility check of the factory and assembly drawings
  • Execution supervision
  • Change Management
  • Commissioning, acceptance, and turnkey handover of the test benches to the customer
  • Documentation
Scheduling, cost tracking, quality management
Our experts in the fields of automotive engineering, acoustics and aerodynamics have broad knowledge of the following test benches:
  • Dynamometer test benches
  • Shaker test stands
  • Acoustic test benches
  • Drive test stands
  • Emission test benches
  • Structural Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Environmental simulation